Y is for Yogurt

Before going on a low carb plan back in 2007, I wasn't a big fan of yogurt. Frozen yogurt, possibly, but not the almost-good-for-you variety in little cups that my coworkers had eaten for lunch for years.

Yogurt always tasted sour to me and had a strange texture. Even with the fruit added, it just didn't whet my appetite for some reason. Even though I had read about the "healthy, live bacteria" that yogurt can provide, I wasn't convinced I could choke it down just for improving my gut. Apparently yogurt can improve your immune response, in addition to being a good source of calcium and vitamin B2, too.

Something changed within my taste buds, or just with my taste preference, after I reduced the sugar in my diet. Yogurt didn't taste nasty to me anymore. But, when I looked at the sugar content in most commercially-prepared yogurts, I was shocked.

Some low carb cohorts on a forum convinced me to try Kroger brand Carb Master yogurt, and it tasted surprisingly decent. For a long time, I ate this brand of yogurt on the side with my salad and protein for lunch. I do like the newer carrot cake flavor, and enjoy it a few times per month. The strawberry and vanilla flavor of Carb Master brand continue to be my favorites, though. Check the containers if you are concerned about added sweeteners. Carb Master yogurts have about 4 carbs per serving.

Organic unsweetened greek yogurt has about 7 carbs per serving. You may want to give it a try in place of sour cream or as a dip. Add some berries to it for a snack. Just make sure to look closely at the label of the flavored types if you are watching your sugar and carb intake. Some people like the lower calorie versions, but the regular versions are lower in carbs, in general. And since this is a blog about low-carb, that's what I recommend for a low-carb plan.


  1. I like Yogurt, particularly with fresh fruit. It is also really good in a spinach dip, mixed with sour cream. Thanks for your informative post. Stopping by from http://kbalbify.com/2011/04/y-is-for-yesterday-atozblogging/

  2. I enjoy yogurt, especially if there's fruit on the bottom. I never thought about there being a low carb option other than the sugar free kind.

    The Frustrated Foodie

  3. I have to give the Greek yogurt a try.

  4. I have a thing for Chobani Greek yogurt. Lots of protein and it's surprisingly satisfying, both for my sweet tooth and as an overall hunger quencher.

    I’m A-Z Blogging and my “Y” post is right here.