L is for Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes bring out the flavor in many foods. Although my daughter can sit down and eat a lemon like any other piece of citrus fruit, I use them mostly for flavorings in other foods like desserts and with fish. Lemons and limes are good sources of vitamin C. Today’s blog post gives you some lower carb recipe ideas that can be prepared using lemon or lime juice, and other lemon-lime products. ¼ cup fresh lemon juice=about 5 carbs.

Lemonade Cream Cheese Spread-Take one drink stix Arizona sugar-free lemonade packet and mix well with 8 oz cream cheese. Spread on celery for a snack. This is one of those things I threw together one day. It has helped me stay on plan more than once.

Lemon Whip Dessert-Whip real cream, add True Lemon and some sweetener of your choice for a quick treat. True Lemon and True Lime has a multitude of uses and recipes on site.

The next three recipes come from Dana Carpender at Hold the Toast blog. You may have to scroll down to find them.
Lemon-Basil Mayonnaise
Berry Lemon Cooler
Thai-Style Crab Salad in Avocados (uses lemon and lime juice)

Cleochatra’s Key-Lime Cheesecake from Your Lighter Side blog.

From Linda's Low Carb Recipes Site:
Low Carb Key Lime Fluff
Low Carb Lemon Fluff


  1. Found you thru the a-z challenge. Glad I did. Looks like some good food choices and recipes here for someone who has lost 50 pounds and been maintaining for three years, but recently gained back a few and cannot no matter what I try lose them.

  2. Anything with lemons or limes are delicious. I'm going to try that Lemonade Cream Cheese Spread, sounds good.

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