M is for Macadamia Nuts and Mushrooms

Macadamia nuts have become something I like to have around while low-carbing. Some people would not think of them as a low-carb food, but these nuts help me stay satisfied whether I’m between meals, running errands or on a long field trip.

I can’t just put them in some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and call it a day, though. That would defeat the purpose of cutting out sugar, grains and lowering my weight. I also cannot eat them right out of the bag to my heart’s content, either.

Compared to other nuts that I eat, like almonds, macadamias don’t have as much protein. They are high in fat, which is why I believe they help keep me full between meals. The monounsaturated fat in macadamia nuts is believed to have heart-health benefits. These nuts are not inexpensive, but store well.

I like to try to keep a small bag of whole, plain nuts (unsalted is my preference) around for snacking on when I know that I need some variety. They aren’t a daily treat, but sure help out in a pinch. A 1 ounce serving of unroasted macadamia nuts=about 4 total carbs or 1 ½ net carbs.

Adding sliced, white button mushrooms to my salads helps add in some variety for me when trying to lose weight on my low carb plan. Crimini mushrooms, typically brown, have been noted to be high in vitamins B2, B3 and B5. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help with immune function, too. I do enjoy some mushrooms sautéed in either real butter or organic coconut oil. ½ cup fresh mushrooms=maybe 2 total carbs or 1 net carb.

I love mozzarella cheese, so I personally have to limit myself or it becomes something I can go overboard on. Although an ounce has less than 3 carbs, I can cover my salads with a surprising amount if I’m not careful.

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