R is for Ranch Recipes

It seems I've already blogged about romaine lettuce during my 'G is for Green' post, so I will make this short and sweet today. While eating low-carb, I tend to stick with ranch dressing on my every-day salads at home. I eat the full-fat version only because the lower fat or low cal dressings usually have added sugar and therefore carbs. I can have a serving of regular ranch dressing for about 1-2 carbs, depending upon brand.

A couple of links to recipes that are worth sharing come from Dana Carpender. If you check out her 1001 Low-Carb Recipes cookbook, there is a pretty awesome recipe in it for homemade ranch dressing. If your local library system keeps Dana's cookbooks on hand, they are definitely worth looking through. Of course, I have bought several of the cookbooks and they have been a good investment for my family.

The other recipe, called Pork Steak with Ranch Dip, comes from her Hold the Toast blog. The ranch dip in this recipe really has what I consider better-for-you ingredients than most products you can buy on the market.


  1. I'd like to try making my own ranch dressing/dip. The commercial kind seems to be leaving a chemical taste in my mouth.

  2. Ranch is good, but so hard to find in the UK. Few places stock it, and those that do don't sell a good brand. Having got used to ranch during my 15 years in the USA, I wonder if I might be better off trying to make my own, or to buy packets of ranch when I visit the USA and make it up as I need it.

  3. We grew up on homemade Ranch dressing, it was one of Mom's specialties. Yum.

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  4. Mmm I love ranch and definitely prefer homemade.