C is for ChocoPerfection and Cauliflower

There are so many "c" foods that I could blog about today, but the two items that have been life savers for me while low-carbing are ChocoPerfection bars and cauliflower. They have been awesome alternatives or substitutions for the things I should stay away from. Don't run off before you hear me out on the cauliflower.

ChocoPerfection are chocolate bars which are sugar-free, but do not contain maltitol like other sugar-free chocolate treats. If you've ever had maltitol, you've probably experienced the unpleasant gastrointestinal side effects that often go along with this sugar alcohol. Not all sugar alcohols are created equal in this department. ChocoPerfection bars are sweetened with oligofructose and erythritol, which are from plant fibers. The prebiotic fiber in them is actually good for my digestion. There are several flavors, but I enjoy the milk chocolate and dark almond bars. This is exceptionally good-tasting chocolate, but it comes with a cost. These bars aren't inexpensive, but I rarely eat more than a few squares at a time. Anything that lets me stay on plan without bad side effects is worth it to me. ChocoPerfection is made by LowCarb Specialties, but I order mine through Netrition because that's where they're cheapest. I'm sure you can find them on Amazon and CarbSmart, too. 1 ChocoPerfection bar=about 16 total carbs or 2 net carbs.

Cauliflower is not something I paid much attention to before going low carb. Now, it's one of those vegetables that the family eats often. I mean, I always enjoyed some raw florets in a salad or with some dip from a vegetable tray. I was just never all that crazy about plain, cooked cauliflower. Once I realized I could cook it, rice it, mash it and doctor it up to make other things that resembled and tasted like things I once enjoyed (rice, mashed potatoes), then I was hooked. My family likes cauliflower as part of pizza 'crust' and lasagna 'noodles' now, too. Check out Cleochatra's blog where she shares her tasty recipes and specifically what to do with cauliflower. 1 cup cauliflower=about 5 carbs

Other "c" foods that I eat regularly while working my low carb plan are cucumbers, celery, real cream cheese, real cream, and chicken. I occasionally have some cantaloupe and cranberries, too. Just in the past few months, I've been drinking one cup of coffee in the morning. Check back tomorrow when I will let you know what I like to sweeten my coffee with.


  1. I am a big fan of cranberries and cauliflower, but I have never heard of ChocoPerfection. I don't know if we have them in the UK :(


  2. Love your way of thinking! Great approach to the A-Z Challenge.
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