Jalapeño Peppers

Finding a J-themed food word for a low carb post was tricky for me. J words that came to mind were jerky, jicama and jambalaya. I also thought of jelly and Jell-O. . .sugar-free versions, of course. I just thought the old jalapeño could use some low carb love today. I am not particularly fond of hot or spicy foods, but I’ve grown to enjoy jalapeño peppers. My family doesn’t object to them now that we’ve figured out how to incorporate them into recipes. 1 jalapeño comes in at right under 1 carb. ¼ cup of jalapeño peppers= 1 ¼ carbs.

One of the ways that we like to use jalapeños is to spruce up ground beef casseroles with ¼ to ½ of a 7 oz. can of La Costena Green Pickled Sliced Jalapeño Peppers. This combination of pickled peppers really isn’t flaming hot, I promise. My mouth or my stomach would never be able to handle it otherwise.

The Purple Foodie can show you how to pickle your own jalapeños if you are so inclined.

Sliced jalapeño peppers are a punchy addition to a low carb taco salad (minus the shell, for me). Try it out by adding jalapeños to your other taco salad ingredients- shredded lettuce, ground beef, cheese, and diced tomatoes or salsa. Top with cheese, sour cream, black olives and avocado.

Linda’s Low Carb Recipes has an amazing recipe for low carb Jalapeño Poppers, made with bacon.

The Food Hound has an interesting recipe for Jalapeño-Butternut Bisque with Bacon Crumbles. This can be turned into a lower carb recipe by replacing the real brown sugar with Splenda brown sugar and playing around with some of the other ingredients.

Still interested in what else can be done with jalapeño peppers? Check out Jalapeño Madness for more ideas.

P.S. Linda’s also has a great recipe for Jambalaya Soup. No, there aren’t jalapeño peppers included, but I couldn’t let the J day go by without mentioning this.


  1. I love Mexican food, but am not a fan of jalapenos. Yet, if you remove the seeds and membranes, I can handle them in different recipes and they are pretty good (because I can taste them when the heavy heat's gone). Good stuff here!

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  2. I love jalapenos – in moderation. But I learned something new from your blog – brown sugar Splenda. Thanks. If you would like to read my latest blogs for the A-Z challenge, you can find them here: http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/

  3. Jalapeños can always use some low carb love. I think they're great, in moderation. Thanks for all the links.

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  4. Oooh, hold the J's for me, please! I'm not hot n spicy.

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  5. Can you believe that I never tried one? Happy for these recipe ideas. I think I'll take the plunge :)

    Glad to meet you through the challenge.